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“Grassroots language technology is about teachers and students developing digital tools to address classroom needs and situations... Paul Raine, developer of Apps 4 EFL, kindly answered some questions about creating digital tools for use with students.”

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“WikiCloze is an awesome [resource for] English learners, especially for those who use Wikipedia regularly.”

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Digital Mobile Language Learning
“I thought it would be fitting to introduce a website where the software designer is actually in the trenches teaching university-level EFL classes by day and burning the midnight oil programming at night.”

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“I think [Apps 4 EFL is] a really useful website, especially considering that it’s free. Go on, take a look!”

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Tomodachi Kyoto
“(Manga Maker) allows students to change characters and backgrounds to create a 4 panel comic strip... The animation style and familiar backgrounds help to illicit real life conversations.”

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“Does Paul Raine ever sleep? Seems almost every day I open my computer he’s created yet another set of useful online tools for students and teachers.”

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